We were very blessed to be able to provide gifts for a hundred 195 + children this year on our 11th annual toy drive we appreciate everyone the volunteers our sponsors, Santa, our family, our hard-working and amazing dedicated team and special thanks to Buc Buchanan with the city of Pittsburg. We look forward to be able to continue to give back to the community year after year as we grow and are able to provide for more of those who are not within our community. We feel truly blessed to bless others.

Thank you to Aaron Thrower (Santa), The Roberti Family, Hank Segrove, Leroy Currie, Paul Lacasse, Walgreens, and all of our sponsors listed below:

Wilson's Dance Studio

Redd's Barbershop

Dilemma Barbershop and Salon

Blue Saigon 

Little J’s 

Pittsburg High School Leadership Class
Rancho Medanos Jr. High Teachers & Faculty

Pittsburg High School Leadership
Mechanics Bank (Pittsburg, CA)
Paper Tiger Ready Print http://www.readyprint.com/
Supreme Photography (925) 481-6059
KnockSmith Interactive Magazine http://www.knocksmithmagazine.com
Shamay Speaks www.ShamaySpeaks.com
Present Yourself Proper (Andrea Taylor)
Stressed Out Entertainment

More photos coming
Photos by Supreme Photography Marcus Wright

10th Annual Toy Drive  2015 Giveaway


After a long week lol there's amazing things that happen, and though I'm exhausted we blessed almost 300 children with Christmas gifts 🦌⛄🎄 Together with our awesome sponsors, donors, and supporters...we made it happen.
Santa @reddthabarber and Bigma on stage meeting the children♥️

Thank you team ♥️ Special thanks to:
California Theatre
Pittsburg Arts & Community Foundation/ Janice Glover

Redd's Barbershop

Blue Saigon

Dilema Barbershop & Armani

Rancho Medanos Jr high, Ms. Holt, Faculty and staff

Supreme Photography

Councilwoman Merl Craft

The Roberti's

Pittsburg High's Leadership Class & Mr. Lacasse
The Pittsburg Performing Arts

Lyric Cares 4 U @lyric

The Soroptimist organization

Pedro H.

@little J's

Don Buchanan
Kolette Simonton
Wilson's Dance studio

Thanks to @chattytally
For coming to Old town Pittsburg and giving the kids your books ♥️♥️ Thanks to our Volunteers, family, supporters, Warren Foster, CA Theatre staff, and every person who made this possible ♥️♥️ #ThankYou

God is so good, we were able to bless over a hundred and sixty kids with presents today. We would have been able to do it without our amazing sponsors, our team, the volunteers, and everyone else would contribute it. This is our 12th annual toy drive and I'm happy that me and my team was able to put it together because I wasn't sure about doing it after recovering. Special thanks to our team, our family who helped, cousin Mimi for the donations,. and our sponsors such as Buc Buchanan, The City of Pittsburg, Mechanics Bank, Wilson dance studio @wilsonsdancestudio Redd's Barber Shop, Rancho Medanos Middle School, ready print, Diane and Steve Roberti, Hank Segrove, Pittsburg High student volunteers, Marissa Moss, dilema Barber Shop, Little J's @bluesaigon @supreme_photography_77 @danae_all_day , @theyoungrockstar @knocksmithmusic Magazine, magazine, and more. Big thanks to Redd Tha Barber AKA 🎅. Most photos provided by Supreme Photography #Blessed2BlessedOthers #Community

Branches of Community Services Presents..
11th Annual Holiday Toy Drive

This Toy Drive is designed to continue the good deeds of the Late “Mr. Doug” Conner & his lovely wife “Ms. Betty's,” desire to give back to those in need in the Pittsburg Community. Please help us to give back by dropping off new, unwrapped toys to benefit the children of Downtown Pittsburg. In the coming years, we hope to expand, covering the whole community. We thank all of our local community sponsors for their support and contributions year after year. Special thanks to our officers: Tanicia Currie & Danae Braggs as well as our amazing board members: Marcus Wright, Miranda Ohare, Shauny B. Smith.

Donation Drop Of Locations/Sponsors (New/Unused Toys):

Wilson's Dance Studio
200 Atlantic Plaza
Pittsburg, Ca
(925) 207-6097

Redd's Barbershop
190 East 7th St Pittsburg, Ca

Nicole Barton Photography
670 Railroad Ave Pittsburg, Ca

Dilemma Barbershop and Salon
3984 Railroad Ave Pittsburg, Ca
(925) 698-7569

Blue Saigon 
2243 Railroad Ave
Pittsburg, CA 94565
(925) 207-2761

Little J’s 
3350 Loveridge Rd 
Pittsburg, Ca

Pittsburg High School Leadership Class 
Rancho Medanos Jr. High Teachers & Faculty 

Pittsburg High School Leadership
Mechanics Bank (Pittsburg, CA)
Paper Tiger Ready Print http://www.readyprint.com/
Supreme Photography (925) 481-6059
KnockSmith Interactive Magazine  http://www.knocksmithmagazine.com
Shamay Speaks www.ShamaySpeaks.com

All Tax Deductible Donations can also be made to any Mechanic's Bank: Branches of Community Services 

Questions, Donations, Sign-ups, and Information, Contact:


(925) 709-4406